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Principle message

Dear Students, Welocme to the School G.V.M. Being students of G.V.M. School is an honor and source of pride. The privilege of being a student at G.V.M. School brings with it the responsibility to acknowledge your God-given talents and always strive to do your best for the honor and glory of God. This Student Handbook will be a guide in understanding the mission and purpose of Gandhi Vidya Mandir School. It is an essential source of academic information, behaviourial expectations, routine procedures and general regulations. It is the responsibility of each and every student to read the Handbook, know the school's policies and norms, and act in accordance with its requirements. Please understand that it would be impossible to cover every aspect of our School in this handbook. Should you have a question about policies, Please check with the administration. Gandhi Vidya Mandir is your School. Be loyal and take pride it its accomplishments, support its system and honor its faculty. May

G.V.M. High School

G.V.M. School, Fatehabad was established in 1973 by our worthy Director Sir Uday Singh Sharma. It is such a school that provides your child with ample opportunity to grow and progress in a modern scientific was spread over about 2 acres of lush green land, the school is situated in a calm pleasant and pollution free environment at Mini Bypass, Bhattu Road, Fatehabad is equipped with ultra modern teaching and grooming facilities. The School is a co-educational institution, based on modern concepts in education and management the school curriculum, teaching methodology, teacher student interaction, training inputs are all based on the latest, thoughts of modern principles in managements science especially emphasizing upon the importance of human resources.

Our Faculty

The Faculty of G.V.M. High School Shapes its Special Character .G.V.M. High School has highly motivated , well trained faculty ,whose professional skills are constantly enhanced.They are trained to use modern technology to bring the best teaching practices in them .our Faculty Understands and imbibes the G.V.M. High School culture and ethos